Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Song from Agent Ribbons!!

This blog has been pretty stagnant for quite some time, but the new Agent Ribbons song has prompted a post! I'm not gonna get all long winded talking about how Agent Ribbons are my favorite band in town, or how they craft perfect pop songs, or how they are generally just magical ladies...there's no reason to get long winded because I've said it all right there. Their new song "Family Haircut" is a real gem of a song. Slightly dark, great harmonies, a driving drum beat, a gem. So anyways, enjoy the song and look for this song on the upcoming "Let Them Talk" 7" on Antenna Farm Records (09.11.12) and on a limited edition cassette due out on Portland's Cassingle and Loving It label. SO.GOOD.

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