Thursday, April 30, 2009

Queer moments in history-1982

Liquid Sky

The plot: A junkie bisexual model from Connecticut, her dealer/performance artist girlfriend, a junkie boy model (both played by Anne Carlisle), a German scientist, invisible aliens, and a Fairlight synthesizer explore sexuality and drugs in 1980's New York. 

So, that's more like the Uncomfortable Plot Summaries version, but you get the picture. 

Seriously though, there's more to Liquid Sky than the weirdness. Co-written by Anne Carlisle (who also wrote a novel version) and director Slava Tsukerman, Liquid Sky offers a fictionalized but seemingly authentic glimpse into the New York underground fashion/new wave scene of the early 80's, deals with drug addiction and sexuality/sexual violence/violence, and plays with gender roles and performance through an abstract, arty, and really good looking lens. At times Liquid Sky can be hard to watch (see: sexual violence, violence, drug addiction, etc. ), but unlike a lot of movies made these days,  it doesn't feel overly gratuitous.  This movie takes those kind of heavy concepts, wraps them up in a queer-punk-psychedelic-sci fi blanket, and hangs it off a balcony to dangle above the onlookers below. 

If all that isn't enough to convince you, the soundtrack is incredible. Baroque-inspired and made on the Fairlight CMI (the first digital sampling synth), it is a quirky and minimal must hear for any electronic music fan. (One of my friends has the original vinyl and I am SO jealous.) The score is absolutely integral to the overall atmosphere of the film and is one of the most memorable parts of an already very memorable movie. 

If what I've described doesn't totally turn you off, and if you can find it-see Liquid Sky. Even if you hate it, it's worth seeing. I've included the trailer and some clips for you to get a taste and some music from the film for you to enjoy! 

O HAI!!!!

This is my mom. On a motorcycle. This is the cute gay part of the post.

Here is some music. Esser is a British (All the pop seems to be way better over there, and no, Lady Gaga does not constitute quality US music) electronic musician. When I first heard him, I couldn't get over the wonky accent. What is up with that? Do I sing with a weirdo Midwest accent? I suppose it's not something one can really help, so I got over it pretty quickly, though not as quickly as getting over the fact that Bea Arthur died and ruined my Halloween costume for 2009. Anyways, he's not really gay, actually I don't think he is at all, but a boy can dream right? He's like the hipster grifter, Natasha Khan, and twink porn all rolled into one. With a dash of "O RLY? SRSLY". Here is am mp3 for his single "Headlock" only it's the Spike Stent remix cause it's a bit more colorful sounding. Seriously, some of these UK pop men need to get gay faster. Love you, boo.

Esser - Headlock (Spike Stent Remix)

Also, a car just drove by my window blasting Wanda Jackson. Today is going to be a good day.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Prayers For Children


Prayers for Children is a photography project envisioned by Brother Bramm and Jody Jock, two queer San Francisco artists. Their manifesto states:

"Prayers For Children is a photo collective devoted to the idea of independent collaboration. United by aesthetics, uncompromised sexuality and love of handsome boys; influenced by magik and spiritual growth...Prayers for Children will unite photographers from across the garden. Prayers For Children is a self published fine art zine with online galleries. A sanctuary for the hurt horny child within."

At Folsom Street Fair last year the duo held a gallery show that included an elborate, sleazy and beautifully ornate photo booth as well as offerings of their latest work. Because I can't seem to grab photos from their website to put here, here are my shots of some of the gallery walls that day:

Brother Bramm:


Jody Jock:


Visit their website for much better versions of all these photos and more, plus a gallery of photos from the Folsom show's photobooth. You can also check out more of Brother Bramm's queer SF art/nightlife/troublemaking documentation over here where you will be treated to outfits so good you know only gay people could've come up with them.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

fire island, AK

Working with found sounds, instant messenger samples, acoustics, electronics, and other tape recorded demonology, fire island, AK makes challenging, complex, and insane homosexual noise music that thankfully found it's way into our inbox.

I'm not going to lie, I've never sat down and listened to any noise bands. One time Wolf Eyes played at my college and that is the extent of my knowledge of noise. However, I don't need to be an expert to realize the thought and precision that goes into something that sounds as totally chaotic as the songs T. Boettner produces as fire island, AK. Being a homo constantly mistaken for a straight undercover cop or skinhead in South Carolina might have a little something to do with the dark nature of Boettner's music, but being a musician, first and foremost, allows him to create the intricately layered sonic seances and that musicianship is evident even in the most noisy noise.

The only way I can really sum it up is like this: Have you ever taken mushrooms? fire island, AK sounds like the part where you think that you will never feel normal again or that you are probably dying, but you still want to do mushrooms. That is what fire island, AK is like. 

fire island, AK - AWAKE

fire island, AK - To Dwell In Filth

Golden Shower / Golden Dawn / Golden Path (t. boettner, 2008, digital media)

In my dreams it feels like we are 40 stories tall

Pop songs are supposed to be 4 minutes or less. Pop songs are supposed to make an entrance, convey the message, and end just as quickly as they started. Which brings us to the UK's favorite girl group, Girls Aloud, and their 21st single "Untouchable". Lifted as the third single from their "Out Of Control" album, the single was picked as a response to fan's reactions. And then it leaked and...what the hell?

Originally clocking it at 6 minutes and 44 seconds give or take, "Untouchable" is a track that builds and builds upon itself, eventually ending with Nadine Coyle's climactic diva voice belting out lyrics about "beautiful robots dancing alone". When the single version leaked, I was expecting a radio edit of sorts (Though it was unnecessary. If "Bohemian Rhapsody" could be released in full, then so could this), though never anything as frightening and watered down as what eventually raped my ears. Vocoders? We already have T-Pain, thanks. The production has drastically become saccharine sweet and noticeably tidied up. What the hell did their producers, Xenomania, do to them? It saddens me, because both artist and producers usually churn out impeccable songs. Decide for yourself:

Girls Aloud - Untouchable (Single Mix)

Girls Aloud - Untouchable (Album Version)

That single mix could very well spell the end of Girls Aloud, who are betting on a top 10 debut charting to keep their top 10 consecutive singles record going. While I would love to see it chart top 10, I think it would've been even more radical and amazing to release the full album version. It was so good already!

Here's some visual with some audio.

Miss Faithfull


I've been reading Marianne Faithfull's autobiography, Faithfull, and I'm going to go ahead and recommend it to you as well. There are never-ending stories about acid trips which thankfully include the most important, but often forgotten, part: the outfits. Which were concocted as Marianne and Co. (Anita Pallenberg, various bisexual rock stars, her sort-of girlfriend at the time) tripped out on what is often described as "very good stuff." We also get lots of observations from Marianne looking back on her past with a smart, funny, feminist perspective; she was a women ascribed the role of "muse" but made it her business- rightfully and righteously so- to let the world know that she was an extremely talented artist in her own right.

After the folksy pop songs of the '60s, Marianne made the incredible Broken English in 1979 and then the equally beautiful and brilliant Before The Poison, with songs written for her by PJ Harvey and Nick Cave, in 1995. Miss Faithfull now has a new album out called Easy Come Easy Go. It's comprised of cover songs, including "Hold On Hold On" by Neko Case as well as songs by Dolly Parton, The Decemberists and Billie Holiday- a very random crew, right? You can listen to some of the songs at her website for the album, located here.

Until you can get your paws on a copy of Faithfull to read about all of Miss Faithfull's shennanigans and musings yourself, check out this insane/awesome video of Marianne and David Bowie doing a very special cover of "I Got You Babe" in the best outfits you've ever seen:

Monday, April 27, 2009

Putting the "Disco" Back into "Discomfort"

What's better on a rainy day than some dreamy, atmospheric, synth pop with romantic, far away vocals?

Pretty much nothing. That's why today's post is dedicated to Portland's Logan Lynn.

With lovelorn lyrics, soft melodies, and a Ben Gibbard-esque vocal delivery, Logan Lynn makes the perfect rainy day soundtrack for any "gemo" (that's Logan Lynn speak for Gay/Emo) or anyone with a sensitive little heart. Paired with Producer/DJ Carlos Cortes (of Portland's Assemble the Empire collective) Lynn's making the kind of accessible, heart-felt pop that should probably just be given out to every gay teenager you have ever met. I kind of want to remake that movie All Over Me just so there can be a scene where a Logan Lynn song plays. It would be epic.

Besides writing the soundtrack to my gay teenager movie remake series, Logan Lynn and Carlos Cortes have been hard at work on writing new songs, making videos for their upcoming album From Pillar to Post (Coming out later this year on the Dandy Warhol's Beat The World Records label), and their respective side projects. Logan Lynn is also planning a tour, so show your support when they're in your town!

Logan was nice enough to send over a couple of tracks for us to preview, so take a listen and enjoy the weather.

Logan Lynn - Feed Me To The Wolves

Logan Lynn - Burning Your Glory

(Oh also, I can't take credit for "Putting the "Disco" Back into "Discomfort", that's the headline on the website...which is also the place where you can find more of the artwork from the album!...check it out!)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Preview of the new Gossip single!

Photo By: Angela Boatwright

So a little while back we posted about the Gossip's upcoming album Music for Men. Well...Heavy Cross, the first single from the new album, has hit the we are posting it for you to check out! 

I'm not sure what I was expecting from Heavy Cross, but it sounds a lot like the songs on Standing in the Way of Control,  just maybe a little more slick. I'm anxious to hear some other songs from the new record because this one just isn't grabbing me how I'd like it to. Although, for me, a lot of Gossip songs have been growers rather than showers over the last couple of I'm sure it will find it's place in my heart soon enough. 

Listen and tell us what you think! 

*As a note, the song cuts off at the end....but you get the picture. 

Gossip-Heavy Cross

These are hard times. I'll work harder.

Out of all the baroque/chamber/indie pop bands/artists out there, none has excited me more than Patrick Wolf and his catalogue of work. When "Lycanthropy" was released, it really opened my eyes and ears to the fact that finally organic instrumentation and technology did not have to be exclusive to one another. I loved the drum loops mixed with his use of strings, ukulele, pianos, and whatever else was on that record. Fast forward 6 years later and Mr. Wolf is preparing to release his 4th record "The Bachelor" on June 1st via his newly created imprint Bloody Chamber. The first single "Vulture" doesn't really reflect the songs I've heard so far (with it's overuse of hollow sounding drum machines and whatever synth. That trend needs to end please), but the other songs do seem to sound like the counterpoint to "The Magic Position": Moody, less pop radio inclined, the soundtrack to the after party. Guests include Matthew Herbert, Eliza Carthy, Atari Teenage Riot's Alec Empire, and actress Tilda Swinton (YES YES YES). The second alleged single "Hard Times" has leaked and I cannot stop playing it. Congratulations to Patrick Wolf for crafting an amazing record free from major label dramz.

Hop on over to I Guess I'm Floating to hear "Hard Times". It really is worth a listen. And support diy labels/musicians and buy the record when it comes out (if you like what you hear, that is).

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Do Something Awesome with Chrissy!

Remember when you were a kid and your local grocery store, elementary school, or whatever would have coloring contests? Usually they would be for Easter or Halloween or some other holiday and you would win like a gift certificate to McDonald's or something. Those were the days. I mean, I don't recall ever actually entering one of them, but I'm glad they were there. I now want to bring the fun and excitement of coloring in someone else's drawing to you guys! That's why we are introducing the first YoungCreature coloring contest!

For the first YC coloring contest we've chosen a page from Lisa Frank's "Angel Kitty: A Big Best Book to Color". We've had an ongoing love affair with the star of this series (Chrissy: The Angel Kitty) and want to share her magic with you! Once you color in one Chrissy, you'll just want more. She really is an angel kitty. 

You can print Chrissy out and color her in with crayons, markers, paint, glitter glue, sequins, pens, collage over her, whatever you want to do! OR if you are more digitally inclined, feel free to fill her in with your favorite digital illustration/paint software. With the YC coloring contest and Chrissy the Angel Kitty, there is no limit to the creative possibilities!

Submissions are due next Sunday, May 3rd and can be sent by email to: and all entries will receive some sort of totally sweet prize! There will also be a number one grand champion colorer who will receive an even more awesome prize! (We don't really know what the prizes are yet, but it's about participation not prizes, right?!)

The link to a large scale version of "Chrissy paints the sky with rainbows" is available HERE.

You don't have much time, so get to work!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Coming off of her recent collaboration with Lauren Flax on "You've Changed", Sia is back with news of a dvd release! The dvd, TV Is My Parent, features a show she did at the Hiro Ballroom in 2007, behind the scenes footage from her tour, and the videos for "Buttons", "The Girl You Lost to Cocaine", "Soon We'll Be Found", and "Day Too Soon".

One of the most appealing things about this dvd for me is the behind the scenes footage shot by Sia and her friends. I always like getting a sense of the artist's personality and Sia seems like a funny, weird, down to earth, and generally cool it should be fun to watch that stuff. AND if you've ever seen any of her videos or clips from her performances, her visuals are wild and colorful and pretty much awesome, so getting a chance to check those out in not-YouTube quality is exciting!

TV Is My Parent isn't available until May 19, but you can check out the dvd teaser below! I've also included some other videos of Sia talking, performing, and if you aren't familiar with her, now's the time to check her out!

And for good's the Lauren Flax song featuring Sia!
Lauren Flax f. Sia - You've Changed

The Tilda Swinton Of Pop 2009

Not really gay per se (but with a fab androgynous ginger singer who resembles actress Tilda Swinton), La Roux has been making the rounds lately on my iPod "Walk To Work" mix with their single "In For The Kill". Consisting of Elly Jackson and Ben Langmaid, they have been keeping my rump shaking when I'm not listening to whatever downer playlist at bedtime. Their first single "Quicksand" was put out by renowned dance label Kitsune Music (They've also put out records by Yelle, Playgroup, Crystal Castles, and Simian Mobile Disco). Now finally with a release date for their debut album courtesy of Polydor (June 29), La Roux is set to take over the world with one jam at a time. "Bulletproof" is set to be their next single released.

La Roux - Bulletproof
(zshare link from Pigeons and Planes)

La Roux - I'm Not Your Toy

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gay Deceivers far with this blog I've been a little heavy on the dance music and, as much as I can't believe it, not everybody wants to rave all night and party every day. I didn't mean to lead you to believe that I live in some spaced-out disco world where guitars aren't welcome and standing still is a crime...because, as fun as that may be, everyone has to stop dancing sometimes.

This is how I get to Portland, Oregon's Gay Deceivers. Now listen, I'm not trying to say that Gay Deceivers' music won't make you move...because I definitely think it should and will...but it's not necessarily the sweaty dance party jam type of moving. Gay Deceivers make kind of dissonant, noisy, experimental, rock music with sweet/scary female vocals. They kind of remind me of bands like God is my Co-Pilot or maybe even a little bit of my first true love, The Need. However, I think what they are doing is still really current and it's totally vital to hear queer girls shred. (Check out their Myspace to take in their mastery of the "axe and skins", as metal dudes would say.)

Although you won't get quite the same level of metal magic on the song they sent us, Heart Vacancy, it does have a quirky/eerie quality that would probably lead gay witches to play it on repeat. The drumming is really great, I always love layered vocals, and the lyrics do the song justice.

Gay Deceivers recently released Let it Come True on Sarah Dougher's Cherchez La Femme label and will hopefully tour sometime in the future. In the meantime, I'm gonna listen to Heart Vacancy on repeat.

Maybe I'm a gay witch after all.

Gay Deceivers-Heart Vacancy

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We Are Not All Divas Pt. 2

Surprisingly, in my downtime, I don't often listen to any sort of dance music. I was raised more on a lot of singer-songwriters, punk bands, and The Beatles (surprise surprise). I often find myself in a raging battle between the camp eurodisco and the calm organic sides of myself in terms of music. If you ask anyone I've ever made mixtapes for, there is a clear defined line between shaking the butt and sitting on your porch on a summer afternoon when the AC unit has broken. Growing up, I faced the same problem between the dancefloor and relaxation time. In my first post, I wrote about how I felt there was no music that successfully merged those two together. I was wrong...

Matmos fills this bill quite amazingly. Consisting of Martin Schmidt and Drew Daniel, two uber intelligent might as well be married gay men, they merge my love of bedtime music and electronic beats so well it can't be denied. It's dancey enough to get me moving but can also be the background soundtrack for a nice day with a book. Their label Matador Records (also home to a host of other brilliant bands like The New Pornographers, Sonic Youth, and Cat Power) has put up some free mp3s from a few of their albums.

Another musicians I've fallen madly in love with again is Arthur Russell. In the past months, he has gained much popularity for his output of solo work, whether it be the country tinged "Love Is Overtaking Me" to the more dance influenced album "Calling Out Of Context". Either way, his work is pure genius. One of my favorite songs ever "A Little Lost" blends his use of string arrangements with the most beautiful, melancholy vocals and lyrics. Unfortunately, there will never be any new recent work from Mr. Russell, as he sadly died from AIDS in 1992. But I'm glad he's getting recognition because he totally deserves it.

Arthur Russell - A Little Lost

Another favorite artist of mine, Jens Lekman, recently (like in the past year or so) released his own cover of "A Little Lost" and again, it came out beautifully. Here's a video clip of him performing the song on a thumb piano.

Sarah Dougher is a prolific artist in the sense that by name you probably wouldn't know her. However, you do know her projects. She was a member of the band Cadallaca (with Corin Tucker of Sleater-Kinney), The Crabs, and helped organize the Rock and Roll Camp For Girls. I remember picking up her album "The Walls Ablaze" on an impulse (I was really into her then label Mr. Lady, which sadly has shut down) and instantly loving it. The guitars are intricate yet strong (courtesy of Jon Nikki) and there is some drum work from Janet Weiss (of Sleater-Kinney, Quasi, and Stephen Malkmus' band The Jicks). Strangely, there is no mention of her on any music blogs, so you guys are just gonna have to listen to it over here. That should influence you to buy the album. You can also head over to her website at Cherchez La Femme, her new record label she owns.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kim Ann Foxman at Stardust!

If you haven't been to Chicago's Stardust (a weekly queer dance party at Berlin Nightclub), you are really missing out! It seems like they really make an effort to blend the newest in indie dance djs and artists and freaky gayness...which is a totally awesome combo!

This Thursday Stardust is pulling out the stops by bringing in Kim Ann Foxman (from Hercules & Love Affair) to kick out the jams. I'm hoping she plays music that I've never even heard of and totally blows my mind!...or is at least good at mixing. Either way, I will definitely be there to check it out!

Here are some H&LA videos to get you excited!


A bar in Peoria made it known that they are, in fact, NOT A GAY BAR...and are rather, a karaoke bar. They also did a public service by letting all the wannabe karaoke superstars know that the gay bar is down the street...that was nice of them. I guess drunk gay people butchering Total Eclipse of the Heart just isn't what they are going for. Really drunk straight people butchering Journey is really the goal here.

Go Peoria!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

New MEN video!

K8 Hardy, video artist, performance artist, regular artist and one of the founders of LTTR just made a video with MEN for their song Off Our Backs! K8 has also made videos for Le Tigre, Lesbians on Ecstasy, and worked with the brilliant Miranda July! She's got a YouTube channel where you can watch some of her other work, so check it out! And...check out the post we made here on YoungCreature for MEN's song Credit Card Babie$!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bat for Lashes

I know I'm late on this one...and maybe some people would say something like "she's not even queer!"...but I don't presume to know Natasha Khan's sexuality, and I don't really care to. What I do know is that Bat for Lashes is one of the most exciting music projects around and she's certainly got the gay vote, whether she is or isn't.

When I first heard her latest single Daniel a couple of months ago, I didn't really care for it. I'm not sure why...maybe because I just wanted all of her songs to be What's a Girl To Do? Either way, I heard Daniel yesterday morning and it blew my mind! I'm not sure what changed, maybe I was finally over What's a Girl To Do, or maybe because it was morning and I was actually LISTENING to it?

So, if you haven't fallen in love with Daniel yet, give it another go. You won't regret it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Photo by ChloƩ Richard

Coming off a European tour, an appearance on the first Girls Like Us music compilation (and at a GLU event in Amsterdam), and self-releasing a CD, the NYC based artist Pashly has been busier than...something really busy. However, she was nice enough to take time to give YoungCreature our very first interview!!

To the questions!....

YC: One thing I've noticed about your music is that you seem to focus on writing lyrics that are atypical of a lot of dance/electronic music. It seems to me that often times in dance or electronic music it's kind of hard to find any kind of relatable meaning, or feel anything from the lyrics. Have you made a conscious decision to bring dance oriented music and meaningful lyrics together or is that just kind of what comes naturally to you as an artist?

Pashly: Yes, nice question! Well i guess I AM doing what comes natural, and writing lyrics that interest me. But it IS a part of the project to inject some meaning or purpose into dance/electronic music....I think dance music and dancing can be a powerful group experience, and I just want to address things I think everyone goes through but not very many people talk about, in real life but especially in pop or dance music. BUT I also theres a lot of dance music that deals with politics or deeper emotions or different things, a lot from the 80s/90s, but even the occasional euro-pop tune will have some interesting lyrics... I guess a lot of house has GREAT lyrics, really motivational or vulnerable or honest, maybe in a simplistic way, but still I think its really effective. So really, I feel like what I do is mostly like that ... its like house but a little weirder maybe.

YC: I definitely agree that there have been a lot of great songs that have had an emphasis on lyrics, and there are a lot of artists currently working within a dance music aesthetic who are addressing important topics and emotions, either directly or in a more abstract way. There are a lot of bands and artists like that on the Girls Like Us music compilation, for instance Telepathe, Hirsute, No Bra, did you become involved with that project?

Pashly: Well I guess a friend from New York recommended my music to Susanne Winterling, a Berlin-based artist, and she liked my stuff so I guess thats it. I like the compilation, the other groups on it and also GLU. It was also great to play a GLU sponsored event in amsterdam and spend some time with Jessica Gysel, who started the magazine...shes really great!

YC: So, what are you working on right now? You put out the Soft is Not Weak cd recently, do you have more music on the way or are you working on other types of projects?

Pashly: Well I am talking with a label for releasing Soft is Not Weak digitally, maybe with some re-mixes too, so that will be good. My plans for the spring and summer are to make a lot of new songs......! It would be nice to have a new album sometime, maybe in the fall or winter. REALLY excited to make new songs!

The videos I made this last fall I want to keep expanding on... I did a LOT of research before I started making them and fell in deep into a fascinating world of secret histories and societies, it got to be quite complex and I am not sure with where I will go with it, but I would like to expand what I do to involve more characters and narratives. I would love to keep playing shows but also get to stage things in more complex ways then I can at most sorts of places i've been playing.

I've been acting more, i'm really excited by that. I have a few characters I'd like to explore and also am excited to work in some other peoples projects, including a movie my friend M Blash is making. I have a zine I want to make for fun this summer (its called CANDY HABIT and you should submit something!), and if I have time I want to do a performative sort of installation where I make "CLARTEXTUAL" posters and t-shirts for people, and maybe a community outreach portion too...I've been wanting to do something like that for awhile. I would really love to do it this summer, but we'll see.

I am also making plans to settle in europe for a little just seems a little easier to do what I do there, although I think I make really American art and wonder how i'll do without all my american inspirations...there's always the internet I guess...

YC: It sounds like you have a lot of exciting stuff coming up!

Thanks so much for being Young Creature's first interview and we will be sure to keep everyone posted on what you are up to!

Pashly: Thanks for interviewing me, it was fun, I like your blog a lot. Also, I just have been reading about the new Seth Rogen film and the date rape scene in it, that whole scene of movie makers , Apatow and the like, make me so mad. And I guess, I just wanted to tell your readers, its actually REALLY REALLY important for them to support artists they feel like are saying good things, because jerks like that get so much power and so easily, and its hard for women/queer people to get a foothold against messages like that.....and every little bit helps, going to shows, spreading the word about artists, talking about things, blogging, buying music when you can. it may seem insignifigant but it really isn't...
and thanks for doing your blog!

Photo by ChloƩ Richard

We also asked Pashly to share some of the music she's been really into lately, AND she was nice enough to share one of her songs with us too! Be sure to check out Pashly's Myspace to listen to more of her music and keep up on the haps!

dj cndo --- ceducer -- i've been really into south african house music, or kwaito, and she's one of the top djs! to me, it sound soothing and calm but also exciting and active... south african music, in general, is amazing, i have a friend, Spoek Mathambo, who's been exposing me to its greatness....

sister mantos --- like i want to ---- he's a soul sister coming out of LA, dark but also powerfull and hopefull

telepathe---dance mother--- so great! its such a great mix of so many different elements, witchy, tough but vulnerable, weird and complex and intelligent, i'm so glad they took their time and now its out!

souxsie sioux---- spellbound -- that whole album, so good! no one like her! i wish i had a drummer like that!

B.o.B --- haterz everywhere ---- i love to listen to this when i feel like people are doubting me, i think he's cool, there's this whole new crop of hip hop people where the influence of Outcast is heavy but i think they are trying to say more interesting things then most mainstream rap

Micachu and the Shapes --- golden phone ---- ah, fun, sounds great, cool ways of recording. i love this british attitude right now that seems positive and also dont-give-a-fuck. shes got it.

mahjonng--problems-- dudes from chicago keeping it so real, taking Phil Colin's soul up where it belongs.

Chris and Cosey, Throbbing Gristle-- gotta go to the classics sometimes.

Diamond Blackhearted Boy -- crazy post hip -hop tribal beat happening/goth, capitalizing on the witchy dark african vibes of Richmond , VA.

Annette Peacock-- skyskating ---one of the early innovators of electroic modulation of the voice, some of her stuffs a little too jazzy for me, but this song is completely perfect

Flying Lizards --- not as into all their cover songs, but their sound is so loose and exciting

Raymonde Howard-- i toured with her in France, i never really got Liz Phair during the time i was supposed to, i guess i feel like Raymonde is my French girl singing with a weird british accent version. her music is grungey in a witchy emotional way.

QQ-- Stuckie its a pretty innocent dancehall track by a 12 year old boy, i love dancehall but i feel like its become really homophobic and harsh the last few years, its lost some of its humor. i feel like this track is maybe a becon of hope...i love simple songs, how much they can accomplish with so little.

Choubi Choubi -- Choubi Style ...this is a comp put out my Sublliminal frequencies last year or the year before, iraqi pop/rap from the 80s and 90s, its amazing!

O'Bryan---Lovelight i've been into cheesy 80s r & B forEVER, but i feel like now is its time to shine again

Prince --- 17 days ...a B-side, my love of prince loves deep, and this song is so tender and forlorn but also catchy. i love its structure, and how it repeats.

Yi Yi Thant/Aung Heina --- Good Time this song is from burma, i love the keyboard lines, the singing, and the horns that come in so triumphantly! it sounds sad and also beautiful, she's just telling it how it is.

i am also heavily into bhangra and bollywood songs, and all sorts of different folk/dance/pop music from all over the world....

Again, thanks so much to Pashly for taking the time to be on YoungCreature!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Queer moments in history--2002

In 2002, Electroclash was a sensation, Sleater-Kinney was a band, and I could still drink until 6 in the morning and go to class at 9--but one of the coolest parts of 2002 was seeing a band that only existed for one tour, Jacqueline Bon Bon. 

Sometime in 2002 (I can't really remember when, see above) Tracy + the Plastics played at my college (Antioch RIP) and brought with "them" a 3 girl band from Olympia nobody ever heard of.  Consisting of Anna Oxygen, Kelly Chambers, and Kitty Jensen, Jacqueline Bon Bon had one keyboard, a bass guitar, microphones, cute wardrobes and cuter songs and quickly became the best band I ever heard that only ever recorded five songs. 

I remember trying to keep up with Jacqueline Bon Bon, always hoping they would, you know, make an album. Or tour. Or make just one more song! They never did.

I would've loved to hear whatever they came up with if they had kept making music together, but I guess here's hoping for the reunion tour!

Here are 2 of those 5 songs that ruled 2002 for me. I hope you like them...I know you will. 

Want Me to Want You

Kelly and Kitty Want to Hang Out

Monday, April 13, 2009

Noisy Pig!

I automatically have a soft spot in my heart for anyone who claims that their passion for music began when they bought their first Bikini Kill record, so there was no way I could dislike Berlin based musician Noisy Pig.

Noisy Pig is the sugar buzzed solo project from Bernardo Santarelli (formerly of no-wave band Dada Swing) that combines drums, glockenspeile, melodica, toys, samplers and whatever else that gets in his way to make kitschy catchy awesome weirdo pop music. Noisy Pig sounds kind of like if they dropped the "this is for kids" schtick on Yo Gabba Gabba, put on a LeTigre record backwards, and got down to some real acid-dropping, bunny suit wearing, dance party business. But you don't have to take my word for it.

Besides being a totally sweet musician, Noisy Pig also is a real somebody. Santarelli is the co-organizer/resident DJ of Poopsy Club (which has been called Berlin's funniest queer party!!), has performed at queer festivals all over Europe, and played shows with Erase Errata, Deerhoof, Dan Deacon and a bunch of other bands you've heard of!

In March, Disaster #1, the first full length record from Noisy Pig, came out on Cochon Records and features 12 songs and guest spots from the likes of Allison Wolfe (Bratmobile/Partyline) and Brezel Goering (Stereo Total/Echokrank). The record also has remixes of the hit "Magic Pee" from Hawnay Troof and Eats Tapes!

Noisy Pig was nice enough to send us over some jams for you to check out, but you should REALLY buy the record!

Panda Brain

Silly Pepper

Now everyone say "Thank You Noisy Pig"


Peaches has been fucking around with mainstream media since 2000 with the release of her debut album "The Teaches Of Peaches". Never one to shy away from sexual politics, she's been blessing us with songs about small titties, boys learning their g-spot, and gender role play. Her newest record "I Feel Cream" is set to drop May 4th and the video for the first single "Talk To Me" has been released. While the song is a bit tamer in subject matter, the video is everything we expect from Ms. Merrill Nisker: bras, panties, grind trains, and hair. Lots and lots of hair.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hawnay Troof's new video!

Photo: Claire L. Evans

If you don't know Hawnay Troof's music, you may know him from his remixes (Ssion's Street Jizz, Gravy Train's Hella Nervous, etc.), by association (through contributors like Jenny Hoyston or Drew Daniel), or you may have heard of his one time back up singer, Peaches.

Either way, if you know him or not, he's got a brand new video for Underneath the Ocean (off of his Islands of Ayle album) that's pretty rad. It was made by Antuong Nguyen of Moop Jaw and it's a total sweaty psychedelic rap journey.

Here's the Hawney Troof video, Moop Jaw's video for the Golden Filter's Solid Gold, and the Hawney Troof Street Jizz remix! Enjoy

Ssion - Street Jizz (Hawnay Troof remix)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

New performance by Wynne Greenwood

Although many of us may have shed some tears knowing that there will never be another Tracy + the Plastics album, at least we can take refuge in the fact that Wynne Greenwood is still out there making art. Greenwood has done a number of projects since calling it quits with her virtual band members in 2006, including exhibitions at the Whitney Biennial and Andy Warhol Museum, amongst others.

Her latest project, Sister Taking Nap combines sculpture, music, and video to create an interactive performance (performed with Gina Young from Team Gina) at the On the Boards Contemporary Performing Arts Center.

You can catch Sister Taking Nap April 15-19 at OtB in Seattle.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Birds of Lace

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Drawing by Sy Wagon

Hey Friends!

We just got this call for submissions from our friend Gina at Birds of Lace!

Birds of Lace is a small feminist press that publishes Finery, an ongoing journal of feminist/queer writing and art, as well as brilliant work from Anna Joy Springer, among others.

The last issue of Finery featured work by Erica Adams, Meliza Banales, Heather Bowlan, Juliet Cook, Brooklyn Copeland, Nicole Elizabeth, Janiva Ellis, Katherine Fallon, Liz Freeman, Kate Goldsworthy, Nicole Haroutunian, Sy Wagon, Ashley Lunsford, Christina Vivan Nguyen, Niina Pollari, Nancy Reddy, Michelle Rodriguez, Megan Roth, Lindsey Ryan, Adina Schoem, and Jennifer Waller and came with a DVD of "Baby Xalm Down Bye" by Lovewarz (Siobhan Aluvalot & Zara thustra), and music videos made for Modern Lovers (Brontez from Gravy Train!!!!'s solo music), the Manhaterrr film and the making of Stop Men, a public art installation.


Birds of Lace First Annual Chapbook Contest

Birds of Lace is pleased to announce our first annual chapbook contest. Winner will have their chapbook published by Birds of Lace and receive ten copies of said chapbook, as well as having the option to purchase additional copies at 50% of the regular price. As of now we do not have cash money to offer our winner. (I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the world of small press feminist publishing is not super profitable.)

The judge for the 2009 inaugural contest is Daphne Gottlieb:

San Francisco-based Performance Poet Daphne Gottlieb stitches together the ivory tower and the gutter just using her tongue. She is the editor of Fucking Daphne: Mostly True Stories and Fictions and Homewrecker: An Adultery Reader, as well as the author of the poetry books Kissing Dead Girls, Final Girl, Why Things Burn and Pelt, as well as the graphic novel Jokes and the Unconscious with artist Diane DiMassa.

Here are the guidelines:

- your manuscript of fiction, poetry, play or hybrid-genre text-based work may be 20-40 pages. Please include a cover sheet with your name, email and address as well as the title of the collection. Do not put your name anywhere on the actual manuscript, as they will be read anonymously. Email your work as an .rtf attachment to with the subject line reading CHAPBOOK PRIZE SUBMISSION. Submission deadline is June 15th, 2009.

- select works from your manuscript may have been published elsewhere but the collection as a whole must be previously unpublished. Please include acknowledgements of previously published pieces with your manuscript.

- the contest is open to women (defined here to include anyone who identifies as such) and queer people of all genders.

- the contest is an attempt to publish work of brilliant writers we’ve yet to meet: friends of the press and judge, you are kindly asked not to submit to this particular call.

- the manuscripts will be read anonymously first by a panel of readers, who will whittle the group down to 5, and then passed on (still anonymously) to the final judge, Daphne Gottlieb.

We look forward to your submissions! If you’d like to acquaint yourself with the type of work that Birds of Lace publishes, please see the excerpts from the fifth issue of our literary and arts journal Finery, found at, or order a copy (recommended: it’s truly awesome.) That said, we tend to have an eye towards the innovative, grotesque, challenging, strange, heart-rending, depraved and beautiful; if you don’t see anything like your work reflected in our current line-up, do not be discouraged: we have wide-ranging tastes and are always looking to add new styles and voices to our burgeoning universe .

Finery Issue 6 now accepting submissions

Issue six (six!) of Finery, a literary and arts journal, is looming in the near distance & needs your words. The theme of the issue is “Portraits” (interpret it as you will, we like a nice surprise). We are also accepting general submissions but would be most excited to receive ones pertaining to the theme in some way or another.

We look forward to your submissions! If you’d like to acquaint yourself with the type of work that Birds of Lace publishes, please see the few excerpts from the last issue of Finery, found at, or order a copy (recommended: it’s truly awesome.) That said, we tend to have an eye towards the innovative, grotesque, challenging, uncanny, queer, heart-rending, depraved and beautiful; if you don’t see anything like your work reflected in our current line-up, do not be discouraged: we have wide-ranging tastes and are always looking to add new styles and voices to Finery.

Send 2-6 poems or up to five pages (email us with a query if you have a longer piece, we’re open to suggestion), of fiction, theater, essay, memoir or any other hybrid-genre magic you have hiding up your sleeve (& which remains unpublished) to, with “finery 6 submission” as the subject line, by June 1, 2009. Please include a short bio. Those published will receive a copy of the issue. Past contributors are kindly asked not to submit again until a year has passed since your previous work appeared.

Birds of Lace is a feminist press. Finery accepts submissions from anyone who identifies as female as well as genderqueer people.

Please: tell your friends, re-post this submission call wherever you see fit, pass it on!

Be sure to check out all the stuff from Birds of Lace...and submit your own work to be a part of these amazing projects!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lesbo Art

Here are some examples of the great artwork you find when you google "lesbo art". 

Artist Unknown, Lesbo Boat Show 2, Date Unknown
Demona Vageena, 2_washiewashie, 2006

jenneth, Toyota Yaris Gay Wheels, 2007
Steve Brandon, Erin Esurance from the Esurance insurance commercials tongue-kissing Nikki Wong from the Canadian cartoon 6teen, 2007

The Saddest Day

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson have broken up.

? - 2009 - ?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Gossip about Gossip

My upstairs neighbors are jamming to "Rock You Like a Hurricane", I'd kind of like to hear the Gossip cover that.

Although that's probably not going to happen, but Beth Ditto did talk about some details of the upcoming Gossip record during an interview she did for the latest issue of Out Magazine.

In the interview Beth let it be known that "Music for Men", the band's 4th full-length record, will be coming out June 22 and was produced by Rick Rubin. Rubin, as you probably know, has produced a song or an album for pretty much everyone you've ever heard of so who knows what to expect from the new Gossip album!

Actually, I do. Out Magazine described it only as Out Magazine could by saying: (the album is) "Reportedly sprinkled with more of that Europop-disco sound that has served Kylie Minogue so well...". I kind of think that's the dumbest description of anything I've ever heard, but if that means they are making a more dance oriented record, I'm all for it! I played the remixes from their last album to death, so I can only imagine good stuff to come from this.

The first single off Music for Men, "Heavy Cross" is slated for release June 15  and the Gossip will be touring later this Summer. Can you wait? Me neither! 

If you'd like to read more of what Beth Ditto said in Out Magazine, you can do that here.

If you'd like to dance and sing and imagine Beth Ditto singing Rock You Like a Hurricane, you can click the links below!

Listen Up! (Punx Jump Up Remix)