Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Write It On My Left Arm

Hey, remember a while back when we wrote about Portland emotronic artist Logan Lynn? His album, 'From Pillar To Post' is due out Labor Day weekend, so that's exciting news....BUT....In addition to the proper record, he is also releasing the first of a four-part remix series that very same weekend! 'Blood In The Water' will feature remixes of the songs "Write It On My Left Arm" and "Feed Me To The Wolves" by four different DJs/producers and will take his sensitive jams and kick them up for the dancefloor.

As a teaser for the album and the remix record, Logan Lynn has released Y-Tron's "Leaving Clues" Radio Edit of "Write It On My Left Arm". It's available to download for free so jump over here, and DO IT!

(Or you can listen to it here first!)

Logan Lynn - Write It On My Left Arm (Y-Tron's "Leaving Clues" Radio Edit)

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