Monday, April 27, 2009

Putting the "Disco" Back into "Discomfort"

What's better on a rainy day than some dreamy, atmospheric, synth pop with romantic, far away vocals?

Pretty much nothing. That's why today's post is dedicated to Portland's Logan Lynn.

With lovelorn lyrics, soft melodies, and a Ben Gibbard-esque vocal delivery, Logan Lynn makes the perfect rainy day soundtrack for any "gemo" (that's Logan Lynn speak for Gay/Emo) or anyone with a sensitive little heart. Paired with Producer/DJ Carlos Cortes (of Portland's Assemble the Empire collective) Lynn's making the kind of accessible, heart-felt pop that should probably just be given out to every gay teenager you have ever met. I kind of want to remake that movie All Over Me just so there can be a scene where a Logan Lynn song plays. It would be epic.

Besides writing the soundtrack to my gay teenager movie remake series, Logan Lynn and Carlos Cortes have been hard at work on writing new songs, making videos for their upcoming album From Pillar to Post (Coming out later this year on the Dandy Warhol's Beat The World Records label), and their respective side projects. Logan Lynn is also planning a tour, so show your support when they're in your town!

Logan was nice enough to send over a couple of tracks for us to preview, so take a listen and enjoy the weather.

Logan Lynn - Feed Me To The Wolves

Logan Lynn - Burning Your Glory

(Oh also, I can't take credit for "Putting the "Disco" Back into "Discomfort", that's the headline on the website...which is also the place where you can find more of the artwork from the album!...check it out!)


  1. glad you like it! we're always trying to find someone's new favorite thing!